Young Guests

While parents are otherwise engaged, infants may attend the Cocoon Care Center and young guests can enjoy the SandCastle, a specially designed youth hub offering exciting recreational/ educational activities and overnight-stay options, or enjoy our aqua park and other outstanding children’s facilities unique to the Mediterranean.

At the Cocoon care center, babies and small kids from 8 months up to 4 years can be creatively engaged and develop their skills under the supervision of qualified baby nurses and trained staff. It offers half-day and full-day packages as well as dedicated play area for parents to enjoy with their baby or toddler. For infants 8-18 months, the daily program focuses on sensory explorations to two-way communication, imaginary play, listening, singing, moving and playing with toys. For toddlers 18 months to 4 years, the daily program supports the development of their skills and includes storytelling, role playing, singing, dancing and the use of play-based activities.

The Sandcastle is aimed at children aged 4 to 7 and 8 to 12, with different activities for every age group. Children holidaying at Costa Navarino can enjoy the Sandcastle and its day-long activities. With the support of specialised associates and staff, they are engaged in activities that include adventures with Messinian pirates, recreating life in Ancient Messini, discovering the area’s rich natural heritage, following in the steps of Hercules in Messinia, creating and painting ancient costumes. They can also learn about the environment and discover Messinia’s natural wonders and rare species.

Kids are also offered a fun learning experience through discovery and creativity. At the Navarino Natura Hall children will learn all about the area’s unique environment and habitats in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

Messinia’s many and diverse natural treasures and historic sites, as well as eco-oriented programs and educational games, offer additional and exciting opportunities for discovery and adventure to both young and old in an enchanting and secure environment.

Mini-tennis classes are available for kids involving games and innovative techniques, as well as other racquet sports suitable for children, such as badminton, table-tennis, beach racquets and speedminton. During golf classes, using video analysis and on course training, children gain confidence and technique not only to learn but also to improve their game, after which they can cool off with a splash at the aqua park’s slides, waterfalls and other attractions.